County Building Control will check all submitted schemes for compliance with the Building Regulations. Part B of the Regulations deals with Fire Safety, and the requirements laid down in Part B of Schedule 1 must be satisfied to demonstrate compliance and gain approval.

For most residential schemes this will typically involve following the guidance in Approved Document B- Volume 1, or BS: 9991 – whereas other building types may be designed in accordance with Approved Document B- Volume 2, or BS: 9999. (Approved documents are available from our document download section – free of charge).

In some situations, site layouts, architectural features, desired internal layouts or heights of buildings may dictate that the solutions and requirements of the above guidance cannot be satisfied. County Building Control will advise of possible modifications and solutions to the scheme to gain compliance – but an alternative way of demonstrating compliance is to provide a Fire Engineered solution.

Fire engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people to fire. In some cases designs can benefit from more detailed fire strategy and modelling to support or justify certain aspects of the design. A typical fire engineered solution will look at the building as a whole and may involve computational fluid dynamics (CFD) smoke modelling, evacuation analysis, structural fire engineering and radiation analysis, and will follow the format prescribed in BS 7974:2001.


Regulation 9 of the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010 dictates that County Building Control must have no involvement in any aspect of design on projects where we are providing the Building Control function. County Building Control have an affiliate company agreement with BB7 – national fire safety engineers, who specialise in providing fire engineered solutions, when required. However, there is no obligation to use any particular company and County Building Control encourages architects, agents and owners to choose an engineer based on the specific needs of their project and services offered by the company.

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